Three Wholesale Buys That Will Improve Your Gift Baskets

It's never been easier for at-home crafters to sell their wares than it is right now. Online crafters' marketplaces such as Etsy and Folksy have paved the way for numerous independent retailers to set up their own websites, and the recent "hipster revolution" in many western urban areas has led to a huge upsurge in real-life markets where a crafter can hire a stall and try their luck.

One way to maximise sales from venues like this is to start offering your products in gift baskets or sets. Pretty much everyone can make this work for them. If you make eco-friendly washable sanitary pads, you could offer a 'new mother's set', for example; if you're a soap-maker, you can do gift baskets for people with different skincare needs; if you spin your own yarn, you can put together a kit for someone just learning how to crochet.

You can't make everything yourself, though—and this is where wholesale buying comes in. With a little clever shopping around, you can find 'job lots' of specific items that are way cheaper than they would be if you bought them individually. With a little creativity, these can be worked in almost anywhere!

So what should you be on the lookout for when you're wholesale shopping for these gift baskets? Read on to find out what the most useful job lot items are.

#1: Candles

Practically everyone likes candles, and as they get used up over time they're something most people often want more of. This is why plenty of wholesale retailers sell them in huge packs. There are loads of sets that could benefit from the addition of a little candle or two:

  1. If you make bath products, why not put together a Spa At Home basket designed to be given as a gift to someone who has recently had a difficult time? A couple of bath bombs, a massage bar, a scented candle to light as you drift away...if you're selling to people over 18, you could even include a half-bottle of wine!

  2. If homewares are more your style, you could put together a going-away gift aimed at people leaving home for the first time. Include some of your own goods like rugs or baskets, and add some candles to make the place feel homey fast.

#2: Soft Toys

Wholesale soft toys are big business. A little digging for wholesale retailers will give you every size, colour and type you can think of—all at a hugely discounted price. Baby shower gift sets are an obvious place for these, but if they aren't a great fit for your craft, never fear! Plenty of people like soft toys, and there are numerous ways to make great use of them.

  1. There are plenty of crafters now selling eco-friendly, reusable sanitary pads in a wide variety of colours and patterns. If you're amongst them, why not make a Period Survival Pack? You can include a few of your best-selling designs, a soft toy to cuddle for a little moral support, a bar of chocolate for those moments when nothing else will do and a soothing herbal tea to ease away the stress of a rough period.

  2. Self-care is important for everyone, and there's plenty of research to suggest that something to cuddle is a great way to comfort yourself when you're feeling down. If your passion is binding decorative notebooks, for example, you can make a 'mood diary' kit: somewhere to track feelings and jot down thoughts, a pretty pen to write with, some soothing essential oil to help de-stress and something to snuggle up with when a pick-me-up is necessary.

#3: Hair Accessories

Wholesale hair accessories will usually come in a mixed set, meaning you can match colours and styles to the kit you're putting them in. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

  1. If you blend your own herbal teas, there's a good chance you're a health-conscious person whose business model is wholesome to the ground. Why not make a New Year's Resolution kit? You could include your most healthful and energising blends, a calendar to help plan workouts and rest days, some motivational tips to keep someone going through a grey January and a few hair accessories for the recipient to add to their workout gear.

  2. If you make and sell your own makeup, chances are most of your customers are adult women. Kids love getting in on what the adults in their lives are doing, though, so why not make a pamper kit for a child's birthday treat? Body glitter, lip gloss, peel-off nail varnish and pretty hair bobbles are all great choices for inclusion.